Take otaku hero Shoko Nakagawa. Combine with illustrator Noizi Ito. What do you get?

A character named "Jewel". You are looking at a reproduction of Jewel's outfit right now.

Nakagawa and Ito are pals, so it's no surprise that Ito illustrated the Jewel image character on the singer's album "Shokotan Cover 3 ~AniSon wa Jinrui o Tsunagu~".

Besides her gigs appearing on variety programs as a Japanese television "talent" (celebrity), Nakagawa is a popstar as well as a host of kid's show Pokémon Sunday. She has also do voice work for the Pokémon feature films and lent pop songs to both the TV series and a feature film.


Her song "Kokoro no Antenna" was the closing theme for last year's Pocket Monster animated feature Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life.


The Jewel character Nakagawa and Ito collaborated on did not appear in the Pokémon feature film, but was used during the singer's concert tour. Sunrise, the studio behind Gundam, even created a short anime for the concert tour.

Noizi Ito is best known for illustrating the character of Haruhi Suzumiya. She also illustrates characters for visual novels like Flyable Heart (among others!).


Pre-orders are being taken for a "Cospatio Limited Edition" Jewel-chan costume with a cut off date of June 27. The get-up is priced at ¥157,500 (US$1,715), and that's expensive! But if the Cospatio site is anything to go by, no doubt this outfit will sell out just like all the other limited edition costumes. Keep in mind, the price does not include red shoes. If you want Jewel's red shoes, you'll need to pony up more cashola.

Of course, cosplayers have already been making their own Jewel costumes for some time now. But not everyone is good at making clothes.


This is what Shoko Nakagawa looks like in the outfit!

しょこたん×いとうのいぢ!完全受注生産「ジュエルコスチューム」展示 [Akiba OS]