Look What Books I Got For Free!

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Hung out with Noizi Ito the other morning — which was pretty darn awesome. She's one of my favorite character designers, so incredibly talented. Fantastic artist, fantastic person. I was interview her about schoolgirl stuff with her for the schoolgirl book I'm writing. Fitting as Noizi did the character design for Haruhi Suzumiya.

At the end of the interview, she gave me two of her Fujitsubo-Machine doujin books. Nice of her! I totally should have had her sign them, but I totally forgot to ask her. Doh. (T_T)


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"I was interview her about schoolgirl stuff with her"

Ever think... I've been in this country just a little bit too long?

What kind of characters does she do? Anything a westerner would be very familiar with?