Orthopedic Surgery... For My Dog to Poop On

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Look What Luke Is Wearing To His Wedding

Today Littlefoot went into the vet to have orthopedic surgery on one of his back legs. Apparently, one of the bones in his leg keeps popping out of its joint. They're going to go in and attach something to the front of the joint to keep it in place.

Yesterday I kept telling Littlefoot he was going into the vet to have his legs replaced with wheels, he seemed OK with that because he kept licking me.


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On topic:

Last sentence reminded me of this past week's family guy, specifically in the dog universe where Joe still has to wear a wheelchair.

Off topic:

Remember when Littlefoot's mom died in TLBT?


How bout when you found out that the voice actress that played Ducky died because of being shot in the head at age 10?