You Thought You Were Excited About Mirror’s Edge 2? Listen to This Guy.

Shockwaves rippled all over the video game internet when EA closed out their E3 press conference with a reveal of Mirror’s Edge 2. And, after careful investigation, scientists believe they may have located the epicenter of the fanquake. We can't see this young man's eyes but I'll bet money that they were wet. May we all be so enthusiastic about the games yet to be announced for the rest of our lives.




I really feel like I missed the boat on Mirrors Edge, I played it, liked it. But now it seems like people went absolutely APE SHIT when they announced this and I'm like "Wow, really? Pretty cool I guess." But apparently this is the best thing in world and Mirrors Edge 1 was "fantastic."
I'm always a bit surprised about these sort of things, I'm not part of the "fans" I guess. Good on em though, seemed like Mirrors Edge was dead in the water. Guess not! Belly dance!