It’s the kind of thing that been teased and reported multiple times over the last few years but you’ve never wanted to believe it. It’d be too cruel to get hopes up for a new Mirror’s Edge game, only to find out we’d never see a sequel for DICE’s sleekly designed first-person free-runner. Turn out the universe isn’t that cruel: we’re getting new Mirror’s Edge after all.

All we saw at EA’s E3 press event today was a teaser trailer with what looked like gameplay and CGI spliced together. No word on platforms, either. As for a date, the trailer ended with text that said “Coming... when it’s ready.” It’s a safe bet that the new game will be headed to next-gen hardware and to PCs via EA’s Origin service. However long it takes, we can wait. After all, what’s a few more months/years after this long?

Update: A press release says that Mirror's Edge 2 will be coming for Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and PC.