You Lived to See the Day When the Cubs Finally Win the World Series

I was on a six-hour flight back from Washington last week and struck up a conversation with my seatmate, a woman who was, literally, a brain surgeon from Arizona. She asked what I do, and I told her, and she asked me what value sports video games provide that playing an actual sport does not.


"I think I read somewhere that books allowed us to think of the impossible, films allowed us to see the impossible, and now video games allow us to do the impossible," I said.

That's why this is one of the best trailers for a sports video game I've ever seen. The Cubs winning the World Series has been a cold-day-in-hell impossibility since Arizona was a territory.


Not only does MLB 12 The Show let you do the impossible, more than half of the thrill of it is what takes place inside your own mind.

God, what will that day look like, when the Cubs finally Win It All. This brilliant video gives us a glimpse.

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I contemplated picking this up for Vita today. As someone who hasn't really played a sports game in years, but grew up with baseball (not to mention the perfect age to remember the superstars of the 92-93 toronto blue jays), would anyone recommend it?