You Got Your Brutal Legend In My Rock Band

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Who didn't see this one coming? A triple pack of music from Brutal Legend hits the Rock Band Music Store next week, along with tracks from Black Tide, Blink-182, Joe Satriani, L7, and Kansas.


Not only are "(We Are) The Road Crew ‘08" by Motörhead, "The Metal" by Tenacious D and "More Than Meets the Eye" by Testament coming to Rock Band next week in the form of a Brutal Legend Pack, folks who purchase Brutal Legend from Best Buy will be receiving a code to download all three for free. Tim Schafer approves.

"These are three great songs that totally capture the feeling of Brütal Legend. I can't wait to play them in Rock Band," said Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine Productions. "I've air-drummed to all of them so many times, I'm sure I'll be able to beat them on hard mode, no problem. Or at least on medium. Like medium plus. That's a setting, right?"

It's totally a setting.

The Brutal Legend Pack is accompanied by Black Tide's "Show Me the Way," Blink 182's "What's My Age Again," and "Andres" by L7. Two Kansas songs from their Live from Two for the Show album are also hitting next week, allowing fans to jam along to live versions of "Icarus" and "Point of Know Return." Plus, give your singer a rest with two instrumental tracks from Joe Satriani - "Surfing with the Alien" and "Satch Boogie."

All that, and a couple of tracks for Rock Band Unplugged on the PSP, next week in the Rock Band Music Store.

Available on Xbox 360 and Wii (Oct. 13) and PlayStation 3 system (Oct. 15):

· Motörhead – "(We Are) The Road Crew ‘08"
· Tenacious D – "The Metal"
· Testament – "More Than Meets the Eye"
· Black Tide – "Show Me the Way"
· Blink-182 – "What's My Age Again?"
· Joe Satriani – "Satch Boogie"
· Joe Satriani – "Surfing with the Alien"
· Kansas – "Icarus (Borne on the Wings of Steel)" (Live from Two for the Show)
· Kansas – "Point of Know Return" (Live from Two for the Show)
· L7 – "Andres"


Tracks available for Rock Band Unplugged (Oct. 15):

+ Pearl Jam – "Jeremy"
+ Foreigner – "Headknocker"


Satch Boogie in GH:WT makes my fingers fall off, catch fire, and run away crying. I expect it to be no different in Rock Band. I'll also probably download it anyway, along with Surfing with the Alien.