Does your Xbox 360 feel incomplete? Is it full of save files and Xbox Live Arcade games, maybe a theme or two but no Kinect-enabled software? You can waste some bandwidth today and change that.

You can download the 1.7 GB Joyride Beta file, so that you can prepare to play a controller-free driving game. (It shows up as "Xbox Dashboard," a Game Demo, for some reason.)


Plus, you can snag about 700MB worth of Dance Central Beta.

I did just that this morning.

"But I have no Microsoft Kinect!," you exclaim. "I cannot control this Harmonix dancing game that allows me to dance in front of my TV to songs. I cannot yet test the game Kotaku said was the Best New Game of E3 2010."


Don't worry, I say. I don't have Kinect either. Plus, these betas don't run. They just spit back a message saying they need a title update.


Are you having fun with the inoperable-for-the-uninvited Joyride and Dance Central Kinect betas? If so, you have very low expectations for fun. But if you're in a working version of the beta, well, that's great. Have a blast! I'll just keep staring at a blue screen of nothingness.


[Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in.]

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