Kinect Beta Invites Going Out, Are You In?

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Microsoft is offering a "limited audience" of Xbox 360 owners an opportunity to beta test Kinect and changes to Xbox Live before they're scheduled to hit in November. Check your e-mail to see if you're on the list.


Because if you are, you may be receiving pre-release software and hardware early, without the need to schlep to the nearest mall or festival to play Kinect Adventures. Not everyone invited will get a chance to experience this "unique opportunity" but if they do, they'll be among the first to play with Microsoft's big gamble and the new dashboard redesign due before the holidays.


If you're a willing participant in Microsoft's Connect program, check your e-mail(s) to see if Kinect is coming to your house early.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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The Owl Bard

This sounds like their rewards program. I was a part of that and they hyped that you'd win a lot of points. The most I walked away with total was like 250 points. I think they will only choose people with Xbox Live. I don't have that, and I haven't gotten email but you could say that some people got the "Golden Ticket". They should ship it in a golden colored box.

What's stopping a postal worker from taking the package and saying it got "lost in shipping?"