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Atlus is gearing up for another World Tendency event for the PlayStation 3 role-playing game Demon's Souls just like it did for Halloween and the Christmas season. Since this one's for Valentine's Day, what will Atlus do? Whatever you choose.


While Halloween was appropriately Black World Tendency and Christmas was White World Tendency, Atlus is letting players decide whether their February 14 is black or white. Feeling gloomy? Vote black. Feeling loved? You know what, vote black anyway. We just had a Pure White world and I could stand to kill some Primeval Demons in my new game+ playthrough.


You can vote below, then spend your Valentine's Day with the winning tendency and the lovely Maiden In Black in just over a week. It's going to be so romantic!

Demon's Souls Valentine's Tendency Event [Official Site - thanks, Colin!]

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