You Can Get The New 360 In Colors Other Than Black

If you're willing to pay a little extra, that is.

Sensing correctly that there are some prospective purchasers of the Xbox 360 S not happy with its glossy black colour scheme, custom electronics firm Colorware are reminding the world that you can get a new 360 in its "classic" shade of white. Or blue. Or pink. Or any number of colours and colour combinations.


Like you can with many other consoles, including the PS3, all you need to do is either send Colorware your existing unit or buy one fresh from them.

Be warned, though, individuality will cost you in this instance, with a $295 charge for re-colouring your own console, and a $770 fee if you buy a custom one brand new from Colorware.

Xbox 360 S [Colorware, via Gizmodo]


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