Don't Like Black? Get Your PS3 Slim In Other Colours

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While the old PS3 was released in black, white, even "gunmetal", the PS3 Slim is so far available in one colour: black. Or, at least that's the only colour available officially.

Console detailing specialists Colorware have announced that they're now taking orders for the PS3 Slim. As with the company's previous offerings, you can either send in your existing console (which costs $149) or buy one from them directly, which goes for $449.


Pricey, yes, but then, what price individuality?

PS3 Slim [Colorware, via Technabob]

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This may be the most silly comment ever, but I would imagine that the white one will actually have a higher filure rate than the standard slim,

The thermal properties of the console will be affected, Black radiates heat at a much faster rate than white,

So a continued gaming session , will cause the ambient temp in the console to rise by a few degrees, on its own this will probably have no effect, but I reckon over the life of a console it will make a difference.