You Best Get to Killin' if You Want the Next Game Mode in Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice, the $15 shooter available on Xbox Live and, as of today, PC, will deploy a new online game mode - once the number of in-game kills surpasses 10 million.

Developer TimeGate Studios posted the 10 million bodycount bounty on Prejudice yesterday, but don't worry; in-game kills for all platforms figure into its tally, which means the nearly 7 million tallied in the Xbox Live version since its release two weeks ago are good toward the unlock of Assault mode. A counter on the game's home page is keeping track.


Section 8 says Assault is a "team-versus-team game mode where teams race to capture all Control Points in the fastest time." It is split into two rounds: attack, where one team attempts to capture the opposition's control points; and defense, where it repels the opposing effort.

As of now, the counter stands at 7,142,398. So, get on out there and kill.


Help the Section 8: Prejudice Community Get to 10 Million Kills to Unlock New 'Assault' Mode [TimeGate Studios]

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