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Yoshi Game For Switch Is Skipping This E3

Illustration for article titled iYoshi/i Game For Switch Is Skipping This E3

The Yoshi side-scroller for Switch that Nintendo announced a year ago and let people play at E3 is missing in action at this year’s show, despite being originally slated for a 2018 release.


After noticing its wasn’t in the company’s E3 Nintendo Direct, we inquired about its absence with Nintendo of America director of product marketing Bill Trinen. He said the game isn’t at E3 but is still being made, adding, “We’ll have updates later this year.”

It’s unclear if the game is delayed or if it will still be out later this year. Nintendo has a track record for delaying games but has actually had a sterling on-time record since Switch’s launch.


Notably, the new Yoshi game features cardboard-style graphics. And Nintendo does now make video games that connect to cardboard. Wild guess, but could Nintendo be connecting the game to its Labo program? We’ll see.

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Yoshi skipped, as did any news for Prime 4. The focus was clearly the recently announced Pokemon things and Smash.

It’s safe to say that there will not be too many Nitendo first party games for the remainder of this year, so I would expect bigger announcements next E3.