The New Yoshi Switch Game Looks So Good

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The handcrafted look for the upcoming Yoshi game on the Switch is freaking adorable.


On yesterday’s Treehouse stream, Nintendo showed off a little over half an hour of their new Yoshi game, which takes place in a papercraft diorama. Each of the stages has two sides—the front is covered in colorful paper models of a city street or a jungle safari and the “back,” shows the milk cartons and cardboard boxes that these things are made out of. Take a look:

When I watched this, I was beaming from ear to ear. Much as I love seeing the cute paper trains and zebras, I also loved watching the flip side and seeing how everything “works.” On the back side of the paper town stage, you’ll see Shy Guys pulling the moving platforms back and forth—they even work up a sweat. What makes it even cuter is that you can really identify which household object each part of the stage is made out of. You can see milk cartons, paper clips, and bottle caps. It makes me want to make a stage of my own.


So... this is about a marauding dinosaur that invades peaceful towns, kills its inhabitants, destroys its buildings, and takes its treasures. Has Bowser ever been the villainous?