Yo-Kai Watch Season Two Premieres Today With A Special Presentation From Steve Jaws

The second season of Yo-Kai Watch cartoon kicks off today on Disney XD, introducing U.S. viewers to the latest in wearable supernatural tech. And who better to usher in the next generation Yo-kai Watch than a shark in a turtleneck and jeans?

I love the game and the toys, though I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my previous generation Yo-Kai Watch now that the blue Zero edition is coming. My kids love the show, and not only because one of the characters is a spirit with a farting butt for a face.

Like they needed encouragement.

But that was season one. Season two premieres at 12:30 PM Eastern time today on Disney XD, with an episode that’s all about craving the latest and greatest tech. I’m not saying Steve Jaws is an accurate characterization of Apple’s fallen leader, but I purchased four different iPhones and three iPads before he passed, so shark in a turtleneck and jeans it is.

Mind the fan subs. Assuming the official Engish version won’t have those.

Season two, episode one aired in Japan in 2014 as episode 27. Japan is currently awaiting episode 132's debut on August 5. We have a lot of catching up to do.


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