Maurice Lamarche is Mr. Freeze in Arkham Asylum 2, but he played The Riddler with MTV News, outing a special guest in Star Wars: STFU 2. When his agent got him the gig, I hope he said IT'S A PART!

Said Maurice to MTV:

I'll just say that I have been paid to say the words 'May the Force be with you.' That's all I'll say. I'll just add that I won't be ordering any calamari anytime soon. It's given me a new respect for calamari, if you know what I'm saying. It's not a trap. This adventure takes place a long time before the trap.

Good heavens, to what character might Lamarche be referring?!

MTV Multiplayer speculated that we might "be getting a look at a much younger Ackbar, serving in the early days of the Rebellion." Maybe, but if X-Wing is canon - and it did not take place much later than the events of The Force Unleaded - I don't think he'll look or sound that much different.

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