Yes, Infinity Ward Are Doing The Next Call Of Duty

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Activision Blizzard had an "analysts day" conference call today. Plenty of stuff to get through from it, but first things first: confirming earlier "leapfrog" assumptions, it's been announced that the next Call of Duty game will be brought to us by Infinity Ward. Good news for those who still, for some reason, think it's funny to hate on Treyarch, but for everyone else, it probably only confirms what you probably already assumed. Sadly no mention of any sci-fi take on the series, but there's plenty of time - and trade shows - for that particular mystery to be resolved.

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Do you think maybe they have a development schedule like this...?

Year 1: Treyarch begins making Call of Duty A

Year 1: Infinity Ward begins making Call of Duty B

Year 2: Call of Duty A (TA) released

Year 3: Call of Duty B (IW) released

Year 3: Treyarch begins Call of Duty C

Year 3: Infinity Ward begins Call of Duty D

Year 4: Call of Duty C is released

Year 5: Call of Duty D is released

If you didn't understand the above, what I'm assuming is that they both begin development on two different Call of Duty's games in the same year, then Treyarch releases first and Infinity Ward releases second. It'd explain why Treyarch games tend to be of somewhat less quality, and how they're able to churn out Call of Duty's almost kinda as fast as Maddens.