Rumor: Infinity Ward Working on Sci-Fi Title

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An alleged insider allegedly with Infinity Ward allegedly told that the Call of Duty 4 developer is "currently working on a new sci-fi title." And then they clam up pretty fast, saying no more info is on the way and, conveniently, we "may or may not announce it at E3."


So there's a 50 percent chance this tip's got legs. As in, they're either making the game, or not. goes so far as to speculate it's a CoD/SciFi shooter. Granted, CoD is the studio's only title but come on. That's still like saying the guy that brought you "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is now making an Indiana Jones movie with aliens in it. Oh wait ...

COD4 Developers Making Sci-Fi Title [ via]


OOoooh. If its just CoD4 with some new guns, and a reskinning of the game to look Sci-Fi'ie... well, I'd still be more interested in it than CoD:World of War(craft?) 5.

So woot on IW doing stuff that may or may not happen!