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Yes, Ghost and Goblins Online Really Exists. It Needs Testers, Too.

Illustration for article titled Yes, Ghost and Goblins Online Really Exists. It Needs Testers, Too.
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Live in Korea? Want to play Ghosts'n Goblins with a friend online?

Capcom and Korean publishing partner Seed9 Games offer you Ghosts'n Goblins Online. They are looking for testers for its second closed beta test, which will run from March 6 to March 11. You have until March 4 to sign up. Capcom says that the first closed beta received very good reviews, so you may want to check it out. That is, unless you're under 12 years old, then you're out of luck.


Purists may deride the fact that Ghosts'n Goblins Online features a co-op, class-based, beat-em-up system with online RPG elements. There is no word yet about an English localization.


"Follow your friend into Ghosts'n Goblins Online!" the Korean advertisement reads. There's a tiny skull hanging over the word "friend."

Ghost and Goblins Online CBT [Netmarble]

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Don't forget, despite Capcom's efforts to destroy the character, Mega Man Online exists as well!