Kalok | A screen from Nexon's game Mabinogi: Heroes.

Why the Hell is Justin Bieber Giving a Shout-Out to 2K Sports?

From the Beeb's official Twitter: "shoutout to @Ronnie2K - everyone follow him. good people. thanks for the good time. the eye will heal. ha."
That's a name-check from Bieber-at 17 million followers, the second-most in all of Twitter-of 2K Sports' Ronnie Singh, the label's digital... More »


Sega Lost the Handheld Race Long Before it Lost the Console Race

People are still, a decade on, shedding tears over Sega's last home console. We get it, it's sad, but let's not forget that other Sega gaming machine that was killed off by stronger competition.
The Sega Game Gear.
When Nintendo released the Game Boy in 1989, arch-rivals Sega decided it had to have... More »


There is a Video Game Dating Site. Sigh.

A site called Date a Gamer has just gone live in the UK, with a "particular slant for helping Gamers hook up".
"Whether you want to date an online player, meet up with fellow geeks, or get some nookie just before you get into another Call of Duty session - this is your site!", a blurb on its front... More »


From NSFW Erotic Terrorism to Cute Cooking

Life is funny. It starts out one way, with you wearing Soviet uniforms, brandishing machine guns and wearing thongs, and then the next thing you know you're wearing a frock and releasing a cookbook. More »


PlayStation 4 to Feature AMD Graphics?

For the PlayStation 3, when it came to the console's graphics, Sony partnered with Nvidia to produce the RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' GPU. According to a report on Forbes, though, for the PlayStation 4, Sony is partnering with Nvidia's arch-rival AMD instead.
Citing "former AMD employees", the Forbes... More »


Is Nintendo about To Piss Off the Bible Belt?

For years, hardline Christians have been calling Pokémon evil. One questionable individual even called the character "Oriental demons".
Now, it's not a new Pocket Monsters that could be their next target. More »


Game Creators Look To 2012: We'll Do Better

Last year turned out to be a tough one for most Japanese game companies. With natural and nuclear disasters and economic downturns, it's been a rough year all around. More »


Meet Admiral Ackbar, Who Still Hasn't Seen the Original Star Wars

Everyone knows Frank Oz, of The Muppets fame, voiced Yoda in the Star Wars movies. Ditto for James Earl Jones and Darth Vader. But do you know who did the voice for Admiral Akbar, uttering one of the most widely-used lines from the original trilogy (IT'S A TRAP!)? More »


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