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Wow, this is big. It’s called “Xbox Game Preview,” and it’s starting today with Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark.


The first games coming to Xbox One’s take on Early Access are:

  • Sheltered
  • Day Z
  • The Long Dark
  • Elite: Dangerous

It’s not up just yet, though. Technically, it launches at 5:30PM PST today.

Both Microsoft and Sony have talked about taking on Early Access-style programs in the past, as outlined in a story Stephen Totilo wrote during E3 last year.

Spencer: “I have thought: ‘Is there a way to look at that platform all up for games, so you have this environment where, yeah, sometimes you have games where things might not work as perfectly as you would want but you’re able to see things a bit early?’

“I don’t have a plan that’s locked on that, but just having a bunch of betas happening, I’m not sure if that’s the best way to run a console, either.”


Pretty exciting stuff!

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