Stephen Toulouse gave a presentation at PAX that, like most of his outreach, leavened the dirty work of running Xbox Live's banhammer ops with comedy. His sermon is about how the wicked "Poonhunter" came to be banned from Battlefield 1943.


Stepto's presentation continued well after the above excerpt. The rest of the address is full of comedy gold, and insight into how they keep things clean, as best they can, on Xbox Live. He began by thanking Penny Arcade's creators for "the John Gabriel Greater Internet Dickwad Theory, a theory which puts food on my table," and also the phrase "Ham Doctor," which apparently he confronts with regularity.

He explains the origin (and some capabilities) of "Vulcan," XBL's enforcement tool. (It's becuse the Roman deity "had a really bitchin' hammer") and the concept of Naked Uno and before you know it, it's all over, ending with the valediction, "Don't be a dick." Informative and hilarious, the transcript is a fast read and definitely worth it this Sunday morning. Go check it out.

Transcript of My PAX Talk []

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