Xbox Live Adds a New Account Every Two Seconds, Says Microsoft

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Every two seconds on Xbox Live, someone adds a Gamertag like xX_tehPwnz0rz69_Xx, according to the service's chief of marketing. Addressing the London Games Conference, Xbox Live's Robin Burrowes said that Call of Duty and Kinect have shot up enrollment to 35 million at the end of 2010, adding another 15 million today, reports Develop.


Contrast this with the 50,000 users who signed up at Xbox Live's launch on the original console, back in 2002. Burrowes believes in the next five years all entertainment will be interactive in some form, with Xbox Live serving it, of course.

How far back do you go? I signed up for Xbox Live in 2004, about six months after I bought the console. Any original adopters reading this right now?


New Xbox Live user every two seconds [Develop]

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Why does it seem like it's only on forums of Kotaku and Joystiq that everyone who buys a Xbox 360 has had to buy 10, and name a zillion things that broke? My bro has had his Xbox since launch. Mine since 2009. 15 of my buddies have had theirs since 2006-2007. Zero issues, all normally working, everything fine.