Xbox Game Room To Feature "Over 1000" Classic Arcade Games

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Although its cover was blown a little early, there's still new info coming out of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas concerning Microsoft's Xbox Game Room.


Microsoft's press release concerning the new Xbox Live service says the Game Room will be a "place to relive the glory days of arcade games", and over the next three years will see the release of "over 1000" retro titles. It'll also serve as a kind of "mini Home" for your 360 avatars, as each user will get their own arcade area that can be customised and, no doubt, upgraded (for the right price).


Interestingly, the Game Room will carry a two-tiered price structure. You can buy a game for between 240-400 Microsoft Points, or if you really want that old arcade feeling, you can pay 40 Microsoft Points and play the game once, like it was 1985 and you'd just dropped a quarter. Only, now it's two quarters.

It'll be out in the "Spring", and from here on we'll stop calling it "Xbox Game Room", as it'll be available for the PC as well.

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Architeuthis Ex Machïna

This is pretty bad- not as bad as charging for avatar clothes, but 40 points for a single play of Donkey Kong? It should be 4 points.

I love XBLA, but the prices are crazy, especially when a digital download of a game costs the same now as it did when it was first released 4+ years ago. Would you buy a disc of any game that was over 4 years old at full price? Is Halo 2 worth $60 today? Games that are 6 months old are often 25-40% off, and you get a disc that doesn't use up HDD space and you can take with you, lend out, sell, or give away.