Bach Explains To Be Announced Xbox Game Room

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In case we needed further proof of the Xbox Game Room concept, here's Microsoft's Robbie Bach explaining exactly what it is, complete with Journey reference.




Hmm, that felt a bit off.

Like I don't know what I'm meant to be thinking. Its almost as if he's implying that the """hardcore""" are the type who wouldn't be interested in it but would then find it fun after using it. Surely its the """"harcore"""" that would already be into the retro games? Or is his 'hardcore' diffrent ot my 'hardcore' (be interesting to know who demographic MS think of 'hardcore')

And what does GameRoom have, its draw, its selling point, to make me visit GameRoom instead of just picking up one of those plug n play Atari packs or the 'retro collection' type games you get. And what does it offer over just grabbing the games off of XBLA like you can with WiiWare, or are they cramming in an unnecessary virtual world element?

Of course I should wait over CES for these answers but I'd expect their video to answer these.