Xbox Cloud Gaming For Windows 10 And iOS Launches Limited Beta Tomorrow

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Image: Microsoft

As promised back in December, a browser-based version of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service for Windows 10, iPhones, and iPads is kicking off tomorrow, with a limited number of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers invited to stream and play games directly through Edge, Google Chrome, or the Safari browser.


The streaming action will take place on (not active yet), where invited users will be able to stream around 100 games during the testing period, with about 50 or so playable via touch screen controls. This web-based solution allows Microsoft to bypass the iTunes App store, where strict restrictions made the possibility of a dedicated game streaming app unlikely.

Check out the official Xbox Wire post for more info.

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I’m really curious to see if the PC experience will be better than the mobile version.

I’ve been a part of the Xbox game streaming beta since before it was even a part of Gamepass, and it’s never felt smooth enough to be a pleasant experience. There’s always been some technical bug, controller pairing issues, or latency responsiveness that made anything other than non-real time games feel playable.

Hopefully on a wired PC connection the experience is better.

Still, I’m glad the Xcloud feature is an option, and it’s a good bonus-add for the Gamepass service as a whole.