Xbox's New Streaming Service Doesn't Look Likely For iPhone, iPad Users

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When Microsoft announced that its Project xCloud game streaming service was coming to Xbox Game Pass, it only mentioned Android phones and tablets, despite the fact xCloud has also been in testing on iOS devices.


Any iOS users hoping this was an oversight, something that might be fixed or revealed at a later date, should note that xCloud’s iOS testing platform closed down today, making an Apple release for the streaming service pretty unlikely.

As The Verge report, Apple has a history of being weird about other companies releasing game streaming services on the App Store. Google’s Stadia only has a management app on iOS, not the streaming service itself, while back in 2018 even Valve had trouble getting its Steam Link app released.

The exact reasons for Microsoft bailing on iOS haven’t been made clear, but you can likely take your pick from any number of restrictive App Store policies, from those governing in-app purchases to restrictions on how remote clients are employed by apps.

For Android users, xCloud will join the $15 Game Pass Ultimate subscription on September 15, with a PC launch hopefully not long after.

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Gene Jacket

That sucks for Apple users, but I’m kind of at a loss why it’s only launching on mobile, right now, in the current climate.

Like, sure, being able to play all your xbox stuff anywhere is great...but no one is going anywhere, no one CAN go anywhere. Why would you play Halo on your phone or tablet when you’re probably no more than 5 feet from your console or pc, and will be for the foreseeable future? I’m sure this plan was in place long before the pandemic, but c’mon MS, put the shit on consoles and PC at launch, too, even if it still has be labelled as a beta.