Xbox 360 Propaganda For Japan

Take free! This "Xbox 360 super catalogue" is being distributed at Japanese retailer Messe Sanoh. Don't be fooled by the cute Xbox 360 console character, it's good old fashioned propaganda.

The cover reads, "Xbox 360 over PS3 if you are picking multi-platform games." At the bottom of this pamphlet, there's the Xbox 360 console line up — with little quips about each console. For example, next to the Xbox 360 Arcade, it reads, "Half the PS3's price!"


The catalogue's inside lists multi-platform likes like previous Xbox 360 exclusive Tales of Vesperia and then points out why the Xbox 360 version is better. According to this, those reasons are things like pricing, Xbox LIVE and Achievements. (Hey, it's got stellar HDD installs!)

Not sure this addresses all those concerns some Japanese gamers have voiced about the system or even touches on reasons why Japanese gamers are buying the PS3, but at least there's a kawaii character on the cover.


PS3に喧嘩を売ってるメッセサンオーのXbox360カタログ [グランダーブログ]

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