Why Won't Japanese Gamers Buy The Xbox 360?

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Enterbrain, publisher of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, has polled its readers as to why they don't buy the Xbox 360. You know, the reasons why.

Here is the breakdown:

• Worried about its future 35.71 percent
• Price is high 7.14 percent
• No games I want to play 3.57 percent
• Another reason 53.57 percent


What were some of those other reasons? "I'm holding back from buying," said a 35-year-old man, "because it seems like new hardware is coming out." Another 35-year-old man stated, "It has a bad image because of that over 30 percent failure rate back when the console first launched." Other reasons included things like because it uses DVD and the very blunt "I have a PS3."

XBOX360が買われない理由は「将来性の不安から」とのこと [はちま起稿]

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360's are this generations PS2's when it comes to broken hardware. Only difference is, PS2's still sold like crazy.