Xbox 360 Introduces PayPal

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Microsoft sure are big on introducing third-party applications to the world of the Xbox 360. First it was Netflix, Twitter and Facebook, and now it's...PayPal.


Not as interesting as the above apps, sure, but it's potentially more practical. For some. Starting from now (if you're in the USA), anyone with a PayPal account can use the service to add Microsoft Points to their account via (but not the 360 itself).

Those with credit cards may wonder what all the fuss is, but those without them - or who refuse to use them online - will surely be appreciative of the move.


PayPal now available for US Xbox LIVE Accounts [Microsoft]

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This is good for me now why can't Microsoft offer a easy way to remove your Debit/Credit Card from your Live account? It's easy enough on PSN, I hate talking to tech support URGH.