Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit Now Sold Separately

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Time was, if you bought a used 360 hard drive, you could call a toll-free number and dupe Microsoft into sending a free transfer cable. Then they got wise and charged $12. It's now a fully listed accessory, for $15.


The cable went up on the Microsoft Store, sold separately, for $14.99 this past week. (You still get one free if you buy the 120GB drive from Microsoft). That's cheaper than the used ones you get from independent resellers on Amazon. (And the super cheapy kit does not work; it's for transferring gamesaves from a 360 to a PC.) The cable also appears to be a different configuration, if aesthetics matter to you for this.

When I upgraded to a 120GB drive earlier this year I bought it from an Amazon reseller whose listing said it included a cable, but it in fact did not. Rather than order one, which would have taken another 4 days to get it in my hands, I just put as much stuff as I could on a 512MB memory unit and re-downloaded the rest. I still lost a Rock Band 2 gamesave (and thus, all the standard songs I'd unlocked) and my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 100 percent gamesave, which really pissed me off.

Not that these things were unavailable back then, but for power users I can see this cable coming in handy down the line. And $15 isn't the kind of ridiculous price one might expect. It's still more expensive than free (or $12) but now there's no cloak-and-dagger or shady resellers involved with a product that should have been fully available on its own in the first place.

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I'm sick of buying extra shit for my 360 to be honest, let's see what I've gotten over the past 2 years for it:

- 2 Play and charge kits.

- Wireless adapter.

- HDMI cable for the Elite.

- 2X 12 month Gold membership.

- VGA cable for old 360. (also the only way you can get the red/blue sound adapter for external audio source like a surround sound system).

- Cable to use on the Elite so you can play sound through surround sound system while video goes through HDMI, and when you have the HDMI cable plugged into the 360, you can't fit the composite cable in beside it, therefore loosing your seperate audio output., and having to buy this fucking cable.

I don't give a crap what annyone says in it's defense, but the 360 was built in fucking pieces, when I bought my PS3, the only extra I had to get was an HDMI cable, everything else was in the package (and so it damn well should be at its launch price) but the point remains.

(On an unrelated side note though, neither of my 360's have broken, yet my PS3's blu-ray drive went after 2 years, pretty odd eh?)