Xbox 360 Getting Pay TV This Month (In Britain)

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Next month, Xbox 360 users in the UK will be able to access Sky TV from their Xbox 360. This is probably going to be a big, big deal.


Why? Because the arrangement - which was first announced a few months back - means 360 owners get access to the "Sky Player", a platform that will be integrated into the system's dash in much the same Netflix is in the US.


And this player lets them access not only TV shows, documentaries and films, but sport as well. In particular, Premier League matches. Imagine the 360 getting DirectTV's live NFL games in the US and you're on the right track as to how important this could be to selling the system to a particular type of customer.

The October date was announced in the latest issue of Sky's subscriber TV magazine [digital spy]

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we've got Sky in Mexico.

It's fucking crap, though.