Super Monkey Ball is complete and will be available for iPhone at the launch of its App Store, Sega's Ethan Einhorn revealed today at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference today. The game will cost $9.99.

The game was originally unveiled in March with four complete stages, but the finished game contains 110 stages across five worlds, featuring all four classic monkeys, said the spokesperson. The first world, Monkey Island, was unveiled at the game's debut in March, and the fifth world, Space Case, was unveiled today.

Users can accelerate, decelerate and turn using the iPhone's accelerometer and tilt control, and Einhorn demonstrated; our neighbors at Gizmodo snapped this pic.


"For Sega, the App Store represents an amazing opportunity, because we can now be in the same place where people are buying music and movies, and they can take that content with them wherever they go," said Einhorn.

"We can't wait to see what's possible with our other market characters."

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