WTPT: Battlefield 3 Is Beautiful With A Tilt-Shift Perspective

Battlefield 3 has never looked prettier than from this angle. Using a tilt-shift camera perspective, Independent Gamers Production managed to create this array of scenes from Battlefield 3 in a unique perspective.


From the more distant angle and with a sharper look, the trees and water look even more realistic. That same effect that makes nature seem more realistic, though, alternatively makes the cars and tanks toy-like. It's an awesome and interesting juxtaposition, and why I've always enjoyed tilt-shift photography. Video form is even better, though, once you put the video on full screen and realize how hilarious the ant-sized soldiers look while scurrying away in a fast-forward motion.

Thanks, Reddit addiction!

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Often, we are too busy killing each other in game that we don't notice how beautiful the game is... We only often notices, bugs, glitches, and crashes.