Take Out Skeletons with Take-Out Pizza in this Ridiculous iPhone Platformer

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More often than not, it seems that mobile game developers are encouraging you to not take their games too seriously. The art is fun, and the game mechanics are typically quirky. Pizza Vs. Skeletons is maybe the quirkiest of them all.


As the name suggests, you'll be controlling an animated pie of pizza against a building horde of skeletons, and sometimes robots and various bosses. But crushing skulls and collecting coins as you roll around each of the 100 levels isn't the only kind of challenge you're up against. The 2D platformer comes packed with all kinds of bells and whistles. Some levels will be a straightforward brawl against skeletons with spears, but others will have you leaping and crashing over obstacles to save puppies. Your challenges will even take you into space and under the sea.

Getting over the fact that you are a giant, angry-faced pizza combatting skeletons and other nefarious, lifeless creatures, the game itself is very polished. Transitioning between rolling and stopping using the accelerometer to tilt your pizza into submission is an incredibly smooth process. While trajectory gliding through the air, you can tap the screen again to dough-slam enemies as your pizza changes facial expressions to reflect the activity. His :O face when he gets hurt is also adorable.

I love the art in Pizza Vs. Skeletons. I love the fact that you can dress your pizza up in leopard print, or outfit him with a pirate's hat (who doesn't love hats?!). But the most exciting, and most impressive detail in Pizza Vs. Skeletons is the diversity in each level. Developers Riverman Media LLC advertise "insane variety" packed into the game, and they're not exaggerating one bit. Taking even a quick glance at the trailer shows how many different environments there are, and with it the different challenges modeled around those environments that you will traverse. From jumping between moving platforms, to hunting down specific objects, to straight destruction of everything (including pyramids) in sight, Pizza Vs. Skeletons has a longer life expectancy than most repetitive games on the iOS market.

I have a very short attention span when it comes to mobile games. With so many in the app store, it's hard not to want to bounce to a new one every day (hence our daily gaming app suggestions). But Pizza Vs. Skeletons will keep you hooked for quite a bit longer than you will anticipate. If not for the fun, then at least to earn up to the powdered wig. I want to wear it with the pixelated eyes and call myself president Washington Invader.

You can get the whole game, ad-free with a guarantee that you won't have to pay for future installments, for $2.99. If you're not up for that, you can always try the game for free, too. And you really ought to at least do that.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons [iTunes]



I have been playing this game on and off for a few weeks on my iPad, and it is actually one of the few games that actually work well with the format. Usually, games like this frustrate me to the point of wanting to fling the damn thing due to the poor touch based controls, but this game is actually pretty nicely done. The aesthetics are very nicely done, as well.