Six months before Minecraft's full release is due, creator Markus "Notch" Persson is pondering a gala event in Vegas on its release day - MinecraftCon, on 11/11/11, "with all of [development studio] Mojang going there, and us pushing out the final release live on stage or something." Would you pay to see that?

Notch wants to know, as cocktail-napkin estimations peg the cost of such an event - not including travel costs getting there - at $90 per person. In tourism's shoulder-season it sounds a little steep, though Notch thinks they might be able to swing a lower deal. Currently, he's running a poll to gauge interest. And "no way" has a plurality, 43 percent to "yes, absolutely," at 22 and "maybe" at 33 percent. Nearly 50,000 votes have been cast.

What would you get out of it? "There'd be contests (costume, speed building, whatever else), Q&A sessions, parties and awesome food and such," Notch writes. "This would be a great opportunity to both celebrate the release, and to meet the fans up close again."

Though "no way" is not a majority of the responses, it doesn't look good. I'm not sure this is even a sturdy "maybe," but if you'd travel for it, head on over and vote.


MinecraftCon 2011 in Vegas? [The Word of Notch, via Armless Octopus Image of Minecraft Las Vegas by Minecraft Forums user hosierrigg]