World Record Celeste Speedrun Is Beautifully Executed

Celeste seems almost built for speedrunners. With its tight controls and constant dashing, it demands that you play it as quickly as possible. Speedrunner TGH has played it so fast that he’s broken the world record at 31:25 for an Any% run.

As I’ve written before, what I find so astounding about speedruns is how much a runner is able to keep in their head. With Celeste in particular, knowing exactly what comes next (and how to deal with it) is of maximum importance, and TGH barely changes his expression as he absolutely speeds through parts of the game that would stop most of us in our tracks if we had all the time in the world.


It’s a run with some drama all the same, though. Early in the run, TGH suffers a death because his thumb slips off the game pad, and a later death is due to a collision with a wall evokes a “no fuckin’ way.” These micro failures that jeopardize the run drives home exactly how tight the controls of this game are and the level of mastery that a successful runner needs over them. Good runners make it look easy, but it’s anything but.

Even though TGH has got the game to just above a half hour, he ended the stream with the resolve to get the time down by 15 seconds to 31:10.

I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.


As a fellow Celeste player who beat through all the game and collected all the hearts, I must say, I don’t even comprehend the level of consistent execution that’s going on in this video. It truly is mind boggling.

I keep grinding away because I love the game so much and its so easy to pick up and play. My first time through 9C took 2 hours 50 minutes and 850 deaths. I now just beat it in 22 deaths. The feel of progression at getting better in this game is amazing.

TGH is the ultimate grinder. I think he runs these every day a few times a day. And memorizing all the strats for each screen and executing them starting from the previous screen. Such an incredible run.