World of Warcraft's Toughest Boss, Killed In Under 3 Minutes

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With better gear, people will do more and more crazy things in Warlords of Draenor’s current raid. This insanely fast and impressive kill of Blackrock Foundry badass end-boss on Heroic difficulty is a good example.


What takes endless tries and around eight minutes of concentration for regular guilds took only 2 minutes and 58 secs for the 10-man group of High Council. Even though it’s not set to the hardest Mythic difficulty, this is a crazy achievement. They’ve managed to do it this fast by bringing only one very good healer to the fight and focusing purely on damage.

Here’s their kill video, they’ll probably be able to 5-man this after patch 6.2 drops:


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"Howie Mandel Watches You Poop!"

Do it on Mythic and then we can talk about the toughest boss. Nice work regardless.