World of Fourcraft is Like Real-Life Risk, Played in New York

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Foursquare, the hot social network expansion that ... does ... social things ... yeah, actually, that's sort of the problem. Sensing an opportunity to make the "check-in" utility for Twitter "more compelling for long-term use," some people have used it to turn New York into a giant game of Risk.


Foursquare, if you don't use it, employs GPS-enabled smartphones to check you in at places like bars and restaurants. What World of Fourcraft does is invite users to pick a faction (the five boroughs), and then checking in somewhere else in New York amounts to putting a plastic soldier on the map in Risk. An algorithm then determines which faction controls the area.

Right now World of Fourcraft, built by a seven person team, has about 100 players. Mashable spoke to one of the developers, who said he's thinking about adding a leveling mechanism that makes power users' check-ins count more toward claiming territory for their faction.

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I downloaded foursquare on my phone because I noticed some places I frequented offered discounts for check-ins, but I don't think I've ever even clicked on the app. I always forget about it.

A lot of those places now offer discounts for checking-in on facebook now, though.