Cops say a woman, posing as a 23-year-old over Xbox Live, traveled from California to Maryland over Thanksgiving and had sex with a 13-year-old boy she'd met while his parents were sleeping. She's in jail now.

Rachel Ann Hicks, 36, is being held without bail on suspicion of rape and child molestation. Police say the liaison was discovered after the 13-year-old's family found "romantic" text messages on his phone. Hicks apparently also sent him X-rated pictures and movies during an online relationship that began in September and quickly escalated.

Here's the kicker, she'd given the boy a fake name (and age, of course) but "with help from federal authorities," she was found and arrested. That sounds like a subpoena either of phone or Xbox Live server records.

Hicks is suspected of molesting another teenage victim, whom investigators are trying to identify.

Lake Forest Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Sex with 13-Year-Old Boy [Lake Forest Patch]

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