The animation effects for each of these attacks are all incredibly precise, allowing you to launch giant boulders and throw fireballs at enemies on one side of a room before whipping around to conjure a thunderstorm to devastate the other half. Every attack dishes out a certain amount of stun or knockback that helps with crowd control and ultimately allows you to coordinate your abilities so you come through unscathed. The level of mastery the game allows for has already made it popular with speedrunners and others simply looking to show off their skills through challenges like zero-damage runs.

The goal of unlocking new Arcana offers a nice compromise between letting you grind and forcing you to grow and get better at the game. While having more spells offers an advantage, they still require skill and mastery. A few false moves can still end your life if you aren’t careful. Despite the number of other pixelated dungeon crawlers that have recently come out, Wizard of Legend nails the feeling of dismantling a room of enemies in record speed.