Witness The CCP Chessboxing Match Of The Century

Last month in Reykjavik, Iceland, two employees of EVE Online developer CCP seat each other mentally and physically in front of a crowd of bloodthirsty spectators. This is Chessboxing, and half of it is exciting to watch.

Two 3D artists, Björn "Left Rook" Jónsson, CCP's resident chess expert, and Daniel "Pretty Boy" Þórarinsson, Iceland's 2009 boxing champion, faced-off against each other at the Laugardalshöll Convention Center in Iceland during CCP's annual celebration of all things CCP. The game? Chessboxing.

As we've mentioned before, Chessboxing is a game that combines the mental discipline of chess with the physical activity of boxing, taxing both the brains and the brawn of the participants. The match begins with six minutes of chess, followed by a round of boxing, alternating until someone is knocked out, someone calls checkmate, or the cameraman falls asleep.


While the boxing is exciting enough, the chess segments slow the video down to a crawl. The whole thing clocks in at 32 minutes, but if you don't skip most of the chess bits you'll be watching this until next Tuesday.

To save you the trouble, I'll give you a hint as to which of the fighters won the match: He's a 3D artist with CCP. There, I helped.

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The Laughing Man

Had to!

This is interesting to say the least, the chess definitely kills the pacing of the boxing though. I love chess but I don't know how I like both sports combined, I could not focus on chess after receiving numerous harsh blows to my temple.