One step forward, one step back. As CD Projekt RED rushes to patch the ambitious Witcher 3, it’s also introducing new glitches. Right now, there’s one preventing players from gaining experience points when finishing quests six levels higher than what the game recommends.

Quests don’t scale in The Witcher 3, so it’s possible to come across quests where you’re overleveled or underleveled. (Right now, I have one that recommends I’m in my 30s, even though I’m only level seven.) And given how expansive the game is, it’s easy to ignore a set of quests when you’re exploring a new area. When you get back to it, you may be overpowered.


With the current glitch, though, you might as well not complete them, as the game won’t reward you with precious experience points for finishing them up.

CD Projekt RED has acknowledged the issue on both its forums:

And on Twitter:


The Witcher 3 has been regularly getting patches since its launch last week, so it won’t be a surprise if CD Projekt RED nips this in the bud soon. But for now, be careful while questing.

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