Three new race types, twelve new tracks, thirteen new ships, and six new music tracks are coming to WipEout HD next week, when the Fury add-on pack hits the PlayStation Store.

Thursday, June 23rd is when the WipEout HD Fury pack races onto the PlayStation Network, trailing along tons of new game play in its wake. Eliminator, Zone Battle, and Detonator game modes bring new ways to do battle in the PSN version of the futuristic racing series, while an all-new campaign, new trophies, and new online ranks will keep players driving, and striving, and hugging the turns.

Two days before the pack hits there will be a free update to the game, which will add a new statistics system while tweaking the menu system and adding some enhanced community features.

Basically, the face of WipEout HD changes next week, either a little for free, or a whole lot for $9.99. Your choice!

WipEout Fury Developer Diary - New Game Modes (+date & price) [PlayStation Blog]