Winter Is Still Coming

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Winter Is Coming | Ned Stark's second career is much safer. Available on Ript.


2011, a Year In Disappointment

Throughout 2011, we've been blessed with some extraordinary games and some memorable events. But life is not all ups. For every up there must be a down, or in this case, a downer.
These are, according to us at least, 2011's biggest video gaming disappointments. More »

PR Trolling "Ocean Stratagy" Out of Business, Avenger Controller Maker Asks For Forgiveness

The PR tempest in a teapot born of one misused gamer and shockingly bad customer support seems to have mostly run its course, leaving a one-man PR firm in apparent shambles and a unique video game controller accessory struggling to survive.
The issue came to light today when emails between Kotaku... More »


This is the Most Batshit Insane Nintendo Trailer I've Ever Seen

Kiki Trick is an upcoming Wii game from the team behind the WarioWare series. This is it's trailer.
So, yes, not only is there FMV in a Nintendo game, but it is amazing.
[via @markmacd] More »


Some of the Prettiest Game Trailers In the Business

Blur Studios. You may have heard of them before (like in this feature we ran on them last year), as they're responsible for some of the biggest and best cinematic video game trailers around.
So it's cool today that we get to look at some of the work of Heikki Anttila, CG Supervisor at the... More »



The Great Nintendo Family Portrait

Artist Luis Carrasquillo sent us this amazing piece to share, which includes just about every major Nintendo hero (or hero appearing on a Nintendo console) there's ever been.
At 4000x, it's only wallpaper for the more hardcore among you, so for everyone else, it's like a Where's Waldo/Wally. More »


The People (Well, Mugshots) of Skyrim

Artist Darwin Yamamoto, whose video game portraits made November just that little bit more special, has completed another set, this time specifically for the game of the minute, Skyrim.
In this series, each of the game's races are represented. More »


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David Green

So about a month ago I shaved my beard and one of the guys I know who comes into my work said, "Oh, you shaved your beard? Why? Don't you know that," and then he gets this really grave look, "Winter is coming?"

Nerd jokes, love em'. Almost half way through the first book too! Damn my slow eyes.