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Winston And Reaper Take On McCree In One Raw Overwatch Diss Track

Illustration for article titled Winston And Reaper Take On McCree In One Raw iOverwatch/i Diss Track

YouTube’s Cheezy McWiggles weaves together voice clips from Overwatch into a double-team takedown of the game’s resident cowboy, bluntly titled “Fuck McCree.” Warning: immature language, profanity, Reaper trying to be all cool.

While some of the lyrics rub me the wrong way, I have to admit the technique Cheezy used to build words from sound slips is quite impressive. I didn’t know Winston had it in him. Reaper, sure. But Winston? He’s just not the peanut butter loving young ape I used to know.


Kotaku elder, lover of video games, keyboards, toys, snacks, and other unsavory things.

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mess you up like spaghetti

I am glad that more hip hop music producers are mentioning spaghetti.

edited to add: heck here’s an image, why not