As the holidays loom in the ever decreasing distance and the world economy continues to wallow in the dumpster, we thought it might be a great idea to start giving some stuff away to you, our readers.

Better still, we're not going to make you work that hard for it, because there has been a bit too much of that lately. This is about fun, free, and little to no work.

We're kicking things off with three North American Legendary Editions of Halo: Reach given to us by Microsoft for Bungie's Xbox 360 shooter.

All you need to do to enter for a chance to win is comment in this post. (Perhaps about Reach?) That's it! No stories, no crafting, no promotions. In fact, I suggest you don't spread this around, or even more people will enter. ;)


On Oct. 8 we'll randomly select three winners from the comments.

Some things to know:

This is open to anyone in the world.

Make sure you only comment once and you don't reply to anyone because we're only looking at thread starters in this post and if you comment twice you'll be disqualified.


If you're new to Kotaku commenting, don't worry we'll be going through and activating everyone's comments in this post. It might take awhile, but we'll do it, promise.

Do keep in mind that all commenting rules still apply.

We will be moving this post back up to the front of the page daily, so people have a chance to enter. Don't freak out about that. :D


If you MUST comment about this contest do so here.