Win A Gold Xbox 360 From Castle Crashers

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Last week, the makers of Castle Crashers boasted the game had hit more than two million players since its release on Xbox Live, and hinted that they'd commemorate the milestone with a gold Xbox 360. They've now revealed their plans.


The gold 360 - gold-plated, to be sure - will be the grand prize in a Castle Crashers Arena Fighter Contest, to be held Feb. 5. Only the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena players on the Castle Crashers leaderboard, as of noon on Jan. 28, will be eligible. Then they go into 1-on-1 Arena matches in a single-elimination tournament on Feb. 5.

The tournament is open to participants under 18; they just need their parents' permission.


For more details, including the rest of the prizes to be awarded, check out the link. For the record, because sometimes folks get confused: This is their contest, not Kotaku's. We're just telling you about it, largely because it has a cool prize.

Tournament of Champions [The Behemoth]

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Can this game go away now? It's not that good. Not enough to be spoken of years after it's release.