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Just imagine it: Like Disneyland, but with video games and Nintendo characters. During a recent meeting with investors, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discussed the topic.


"Countless times, the idea of a theme park has been debated and discussed, and there have been rumors in various forms," Iwata said. "But at the present moment, there are no concrete plans."

Iwata went on to speak hypothetically about theme parks, saying, that simply building a theme park with Nintendo characters in it would be copying all current theme parks. For Nintendo, the important thing is to do something differently and unique, and that is one of the strengths the company has with the the development of its games.


So if Nintendo make a theme park, it would have to be different from other theme parks that are presently operated. Nintendo would need to hit upon something original. According to Iwata, "I won't say that it will never happen".

To reiterate, the Nintendo president was clear that much of what he said about the possibility of Nintendo doing a theme park was hypothetical and that there are currently no plans for Nintendo to launch its own theme park.

In 2005, there was a traveling Pokepark theme park in Japan that drew crowds of over four million in the six months plus that it was operated.

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